Azerbaijan will open a trade house in Dubai by the end of 2018, the Trade Representative of Azerbaijan in Dubai Elnur Aliyev told Trend.
He noted that at this stage a large-scale work is underway for a serious project to open a trade house of Azerbaijan in Dubai.
"After opening the trade house, we plan to work in two directions: firstly, to promote goods at retail market and, secondly, to search for wholesale buyers of Azerbaijani products. Along with increasing the volume of products supplied to the UAE, we plan to ensure the stability of our supplies. This is very important, because the constant supply of our products to the UAE markets, and in particular to Dubai, will increase the confidence of importers and buyers in us. On the other hand, it will increase Azerbaijan's export revenues," he said.
"We are planning to hold various exhibitions, which will showcase our goods and products. Thus, we want to get the interest of our potential buyers and visitors of the trade house as much as possible so that they have a desire not only to buy our products, but also visit Azerbaijan. This concept, which we are working on now, is also aimed at increasing the tourist flow from the UAE to Azerbaijan. The trade house of Azerbaijan will open in one of the most prestigious places in Dubai, and at the moment we are negotiating with our foreign colleagues in order to organize large-scale exhibitions in the future," Aliyev said.
He also noted that a special information office will operate in the trade house of Azerbaijan, where anyone can get more detailed and interesting information on Azerbaijan, in particular on tourism.
"The opening of the trade house will contribute to the increase in exports of non-oil products to the UAE, the promotion of Azerbaijani goods and the expansion of bilateral trade between our countries," the source said, noting that Azerbaijan, as an exporter, is of great interest in different parts of the continent, which testifies to a competent and thoughtful economic policy of the state.